The first to be registered as a speech and drama centre by the Singapore’s Ministry of Education in 1991, Julia Gabriel Centre offers you a range of innovative and holistic communication programmes delivered in a safe, supportive and dynamic environment, from ages 6 months to 66 years (and beyond!)

Every programme at Julia Gabriel Centre includes elements of drama, role play or imagery play as a means of building confident and expressive communication, creativity, collaboration and cognitive development in our students.

Our carefully planned and creative programmes include:
▪ Vocal and physical warm-ups
▪ Voice and speech work
▪ Language skills
▪ Communication skills
▪ Presentation skills
▪ Drama
▪ Literacy

"All of us at Julia Gabriel Centre work hard to create an environment of enquiry and observation, wonder and curiosity, imagination and creativity, to encourage children's exploration, response and healthy growth from a secure parent and teacher partnership."

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