Drawing on decades of research and the enduring educational philosophy of our founder, Julia Gabriel, the Julia Gabriel Preschool core programmes employ the EduDrama® methodology to foster a positive learning experience for our children with close collaboration from parents as our partners in education. Our unique approach cultivates language skills, enhances self-confidence, and refines expressive communication, creativity and critical thinking through drama, poetry, voice and speech exercises, and interactive storytelling.

For close to 18 years now, Julia Gabriel Centre has been at the forefront of drama-based enrichment here in Kuala Lumpur. From dramatic play and fostering independent discovery in our youngest learners, to empowering our preschool and Primary school-going children to becoming confident and expressive communicators, Julia Gabriel is a name that stands out – just as our students and alumni do when it comes to success in school, work and life. Inspiring confident communication is our fortè.

And now, we have something new to offer your child’s early years to ground them in success even further. Imagine a seamless transition from those exciting first independent, confidence-building steps in PlayClub, to one of the leading preschools here in the Klang Valley. We are proud to introduce you to Julia Gabriel Preschool.

Julia Gabriel Preschool as an evolution from Chiltern House signifies a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, and ensures that we continue to provide a high-quality learning experience for our students while remaining responsive to the ever-changing needs and expectations of both our students and the broader educational community. With decades of expertise and experience as one of the top early childhood education providers which has its roots in Singapore, Chiltern House Preschool in Kuala Lumpur has nurtured children through a comprehensive multilingual curriculum offering a unique full-day programme since 2006, resulting in confident, accomplished, successful and happy individuals, exceptionally well prepared to cope with the demands of primary school.

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