Understanding our Health Procedures

At Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House, we are committed to uphold a strict health policy in the school with your child’s health and wellbeing at heart. In line with our aim to provide children with a happy, and healthy learning environment, we have a Health Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in place to manage communicable diseases in every centre, for your peace of mind. With health concerns surrounding communicable diseases in particularly the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, we have been implementing a series of additional procedures to safeguard our community of children, teachers and parents.

What are the additional steps currently taken by the school in managing the spread of COVID-19?

1. On top of our standard health screening inspection at checkpoints at all drop-off and pick-up locations, we are fervently educating proper health and personal hygiene practices among our students and staff which includes adopting an increased frequency of temperature taking and visual health checks, frequent proper hand washing, as well as the daily thorough cleaning and all other disinfecting measures throughout the entire centre.

2. Should any member of our school community displays respiratory flu-like symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, consistent runny nose & sneezing, difficulty in breathing, tightness of chest, even if they are mild, he/she will be required to seek medical attention immediately, report to the school, and not come to school until fully recovered.

3. In the spirit of social duty, open and honest communication, parents and staff are urged to inform the school of any possible contact history; particularly in regards to possible contact/exposure to a suspected and/or confirmed case of COVID-19, and will be requested to update their Travel Declaration documents accordingly.

4. All visitors to the centre must fill up a designated Travel Declaration Form prior to their appointment date, and during their visit must wear socks at all times. They must also display a Low-Risk status on their MySejahtera app, and a NEGATIVE self administered ATK test result (for adult visitors) prior to entrance into the school. Only visitors with an appointment are allowed entry.

Together with parents as partners, and in exercising social responsibility as members of our community, let us work together to prevent the rapid spread of communicable diseases to ensure uninterrupted learning for the children and to safeguard the health and safety of all. For more information on our safety measures during COVID-19 or our standard health procedures for communicable diseases, contact us here.

More information

1. Download our proper hand washing guide that you can use to practice with your children. The correct technique with soap and water will ensure that all areas of your hands are clean.

2. Stay informed of the latest development in COVID-19 by visiting World Health Organisation (WHO)'s page or for more local news, refer to the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)'s site for official updates.

3. Remember, we're in this together, so for parents who would like some inspiration to keep your children positively occupied at home, follow us on our facebook page or Instagram for ideas based on some of the activities that we do in our classes.

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