Life is defined by moments.
The ones you celebrate. And the ones that celebrate you.
But just before you step into the spotlight
There’s a moment where it all comes together.

When you realise all that work’s come down to this
And all eyes are on you
How will you hold your own?

Each of us has what it takes to own the moment.
That’s what we believe, here at Julia Gabriel.
It’s the quiet inner belief that we’re ready.
No matter what life has up its sleeves.

Inspired to guide more individuals on this journey
We pioneered EduDrama®.
A collaborative process of wonder and self-discovery.

To uncover every student’s hidden voice
We built a community around the learner’s unique needs. One where curiosity finds nourishment
In a dynamic environment that kindles the love of learning. And true potential shines brighter in relationships
Built on mindfulness, communication and mutual respect.

Julia Gabriel is where the parent, educator, and student come together.
United in our pursuit of making a real difference. Working hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart
We will inspire individuals to stand tall. Speak up. And grow into confident communicators.


EduDrama® drives every programme that you come across in Julia Gabriel, from PlayNest to Stage Lights to our teaching certificates. EduDrama®’s unique methodology was developed by Julia Gabriel and is what makes Julia Gabriel programmes stand out from other programmes offered by other enrichment centres.

A teaching and learning methodology used in all Julia Gabriel Education programmes, EduDrama® supports children’s development of communication skills and self-leadership abilities in a natural progression, starting with initial self-discovery and moving on to self-actualization as young adults who contribute their talents at home, in school, and in society.

EduDrama® combines drama with planned educational outcomes to foster learning through interaction and active involvement and to engage children in using and extending their language communication knowledge and strengths. Children and adults respond readily and with great success to learning this way.

Using a wide range of drama tools such as improvisation, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks, storytelling, reading aloud, dramatic poetry and creative writing, students are engaged and challenged to draw upon their own interpretation and add their own experiences to express their ideas.

EduDrama® drama builds strong self-expression, confidence, collaboration with others, compassion, courage, cognition and commitment to continuous growth.

Our English EduDrama® programmes have also been taken up by other kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Singapore since 1995.

Annual Achievement Award

To guide progress and celebrate achievement in our students, EduDrama® students from Primary 1 and above are entered for graded achievement awards at the end of a full year of attendance. Achievement awards are moderated by visiting assessors from either Julia Gabriel Speech and Communication Arts Board or Trinity College London.

EduDrama® is not only taught to students but also practiced in Julia Gabriel Education. EduDrama® has helped our team develop confidence in ourselves as market leaders, resulting in the group’s expansion over the decades to 4 countries.

EduDrama® specialist teachers are chosen for their background in the arts or education, and all have high standards of Standard English and a disposition to motivate children. They are also committed to learning and developing themselves. Our team of multi-national EduDrama® specialists come from Australia, England, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Scotland, Singapore, the United States and Wales.

“Sensitive listening, language and communication become increasingly important as the world becomes more uncertain. Successful navigation of life’s complexities demands self-leadership. Self-leadership is the future”

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