The Julia Gabriel School of Education is the adult-training division of Julia Gabriel Centre.

The Julia Gabriel School of Education grew as a result of interest from parents, teachers and professionals in Julia Gabriel Centre’s educational methodology. For over a decade, the Julia Gabriel School of Education has been conducting courses for adults in the fields of speech and drama, communication and presentation skills, and early childhood education. We run courses that lead up to teaching certification, workshops and an annual debating championship.

Adult Learning

Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama)

The Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama), or JGFTC, is an intensive 6-to-8-month part-time training programme for adults who want to train teach speech and drama for children aged 3 to 8. The programme provides support for novice and student teachers in the classroom while they learn.

Course Content
• Drama in the classroom
• Development of voice and speech
• Using language: Poetry, prose and stories
• Teaching: Methodologies and classroom management
• Working with individual children
• Students on the course also take part in:
- Practical teaching / supervised teaching
- Assessment and moderation for the Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama)

Admission Criteria
A certificate or diploma in preschool teaching, or a diploma or degree in another relevant subject area.
Participants who do not have any background in early childhood education are also eligible to apply but they must also attend our child development and learning module – ‘A Child’s World’ (see details below).

Two evening workshop sessions per week (2½ hours per session) covering theory and practical elements at Julia Gabriel Centre.

Class attachment: 1½ hours per week.
Trinity College London Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama)

The Julia Gabriel School of Education is a Trinity College London examination centre. Teachers who complete the Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama) have the option to take an extension course (immediately or at a later point in time) to prepare them for Unit 1 of the Trinity Guildhall Foundation Teaching Certificate in Speech and Drama, or Cert TCL (FT), if they would like to work towards a qualification from an international examinations board.

Like the JGFTC, the Cert TCL (FT) focuses on teaching speech and drama for children aged 3 to 8. During the extension course, Trinity College London’s requirements are explained and practical work is undertaken under the guidance of our trainers to prepare participants for the Unit 1 group examination with a Trinity College London examiner.

Unit 2 of the Cert TCL (FT) then involves teaching at least one group of children in the 3 to 8 age-range and entering those children for one or Trinity College London’s age-appropriate syllabuses. Unit 2 can be completed any time in the two years following Unit 1.

A Child’s World

This course which focuses on child development and early learning helps adults to better understand children. Taught by senior early childhood educators from Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool, the course teaches participants about the physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development of children from birth through to the age of 8. Participants develop awareness and sensitivity to children’s needs, learn what to expect from children as they grow, and discover how to create a warm and secure learning environment while helping children reach their full potential.

Course Content
• Learning in the early years (birth to age 8)
• Inter-related stages of development in young children including language and communication • The child’s understanding of the physical world
• The child as a social being
• Creativity and the growing child
• Observing children’s behaviour and development
• Children with additional needs

The 12-week course involves one 2½-hour evening session each week.

The course acts as a bridging course to the Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech & Drama) programme for individuals who do not have an early childhood education background, and is also open to anyone who wants to develop their understanding of how young children learn and grow.


The Julia Gabriel School of Education runs workshops in parenting and working with children, early childhood education, speech and drama education, public speaking and communication skills. A variety of workshops are held throughout the year at Julia Gabriel Centre.

By special arrangement, our senior educators can also run workshops for outside organisations such schools (preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools and enrichment centres), companies and public bodies. For more details about our workshops, please contact the Julia Gabriel School of Education.

Contact the Julia Gabriel School of Education
If you would like to find out more about Julia Gabriel School of Education’s programmes, you can contact us at:
Tel: +603 2095 5500 or 5501, or
Send an e-mail to Sharon Jacob, Head of Julia Gabriel School of Education at