10, 15 AND 20 YEAR CLUB

Our teachers and staff love being at Julia Gabriel as much as the children do. In recognition of our dedicated teachers who have been with Julia Gabriel Centre for at least ten to fifteen (or more) years, we have the Ten, Fifteen and Twenty Year Club!

All staff, at every level, are valued and recognised for their long term contribution to the company. Traditionally, as a gesture of appreciation for each member’s dedication and commitment to the company (their work, colleagues, students and students’ parents), Club members are celebrated at each Vision Day gathering, which takes place once a year. In our Kuala Lumpur centre, staff who complete either five or ten years exactly in that year are welcomed into the ‘Five and Ten Year Club’ with a token gift and a hearty round of applause.

Over the years, we have watched new staff grow in knowledge, experience and self-confidence, some joining as trainee teachers, to become Company Leaders today. Supporting and nurturing our colleagues, in all aspects of our lifelong learning journey, remains at the heart of the Julia Gabriel Family of Services philosophy. As a result, the ‘Ten, Fifteen and Twenty Year Club’ continues to expand, with new staff welcomed every year.

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